classic collection tfl

A collection that is contemporary and timeless, the Classic TFL Collection features colours that are traditional and distinctive. Leaving a lasting impression, this collection is designed to stay with you. With its many different colour variations and woodgrain textures, this collection will enhance your space, making it an area of ageless living and a place where memories are made. This sophisticated collection of classic TFL has been hand-selected to provide unlimited possibilities for any project, large or small, commercial or residential.


Meticulously selected with our customers in mind, our Woodgrain TFL Collection is one of our most popular decorative panel solutions. Each design is rich in character, creating a refined elegance in any space


Make a statement with our Abstract TFL Collection. Designed to make your space stand out, this collection was created with innovators in mind. A highly customizable collection which will elevate your project to new levels. Our Abstract Collection draws on industrial design elements to give projects a multidimensional look and feel.


Add a modern and luxurious feel to any space with our Solid TFL Collection. Smooth-to-the-touch, these bold colours will provide you with a simple yet stylish alternative to Woodgrains and Abstracts. This collection will ensure your space never goes out of style.