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About us

Victor (Vekoslav) Nikolic, a highly skilled carpenter by trade, embarked on a journey of opportunity and entrepreneurship when he immigrated to Canada from his native Serbia. With a background in carpentry, Victor initially found work in the construction industry in Calgary. However, it didn't take long for him to identify an unmet need within the construction market. Undeterred by the challenges, in 1990, Victor made a bold move. He imported a German press and secured a warehouse, taking the first steps in what would eventually evolve into Specialty Laminates.

Victor's entrepreneurial gamble paid off. Specialty Laminates has since grown to operate in both Canada and the United States, boasting three large-scale production facilities in Calgary, Alberta, and Eugene, Oregon.

Despite its growth, Specialty Laminates remains true to its roots as a family-owned and operated business. The core values that formed the foundation of the company are still cherished and maintained by the Nikolic family to this day. With two generations actively involved in the business, Victor has directed his energies toward expanding the company's presence in the United States. Meanwhile, his sons—Billy, Nick, and Jonny—have taken the reins of the Canadian division, ensuring its continued success.

Specialty Laminates stands committed to delivering exceptional customer service without compromising on product quality. Regardless of the design and engineering objectives you have in mind, Specialty Laminates is dedicated to collaborating with you to not only achieve but surpass your goals.

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